Dairy Not Just For Kids

The benefits of dairy products are not known to everyone. Milk, cheese, butter etc are dairy products that every mother includes in her child’s diet. But have you, as a woman, ever stopped to think how necessary these products are for your own health? Of course, there are times when you binge on cheese crackers and double burst pizzas, but are they enough? Choosing a healthy diet for you is important, but loading it with the goodness of these products is even more important. As you advance in age, it is important that you bolster your diet with dairy products so as to keep your system in a healthy condition.

Here are a few benefits that you probably didn’t know about:

  • Calcium boost

Studies have indicated about calcium loss in bones of women above 30. Dairy products are the best way to supplement your diet with loads of calcium and avoid disorders and conditions that arise out of calcium deficiency. According to several studies that have been published on women’s health, milk and milk products give you strong and healthy bones. Osteoporosis is a condition that affects many women as they advance in age. Intake of milk and dairy products can prevent this condition to a great extent.

  • Decreases the risk of kidney stones

Inclusion of dairy foodstuffs in the diet can reduce the risk of kidney stones. These products are rich in calcium, which can prevent the formation of kidney stones in women. So go ahead and include all the cheese, butter and milk that you can in your diet to give your body a complete and holistic nutritive diet.

  • Prevents Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease and recent studies have shown that a lot of women, especially in their menopausal stage, are prone to breast cancer. An element called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) present in milk can reduce the chances of breast cancer in women. Women, especially those in their post menopausal stage, should include lots of milk and dairy products in their diet to increase the CLA levels in their bodies to prevent this deadly disease. Start with milk in your breakfast and try to include more dairy based products to protect your body from breast cancer.

  • Reduces risk of colon cancer

According to studies, consumption of milk and milk based and other dairy products can reduce the risk of colon cancer up to 40 per cent. Colon cancer is a major cause of fatality in many countries and the inclusion of dairy products in the diet is the safest and most economical way of preventing this disease. By including dairy foods in your diet, you not only facilitate good health, but also keep a number of deadly diseases and disorders at bay.

  • Reduces hypertension

According to a report, persons who consume more fruits, vegetables and milk products are at a lower risk of hypertension. The blood pressure volumes are controlled in such persons and hence they are at a lower risk of hypertension. According to studies, hypertension affects almost 25 per cent people of the total population and can lead to major health complications. By infusing the goodness of dairy goods in your diet, you can control this condition to a great extent. The goodness of milk and other dairy products can prevent strokes and heart attacks, apart from reducing hypertension.

  • Treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual cramps and discomfort are problems that many women face. It has been concluded from studies that these problems are associated with inadequate calcium intake. These problems can be cured with the inclusion of adequate amounts of dairy products in the diet. The recommended and efficient amount of calcium intake through dairy products for women is 1000 to 1300 milligrams per day. This intake can help women find relief from bloating, pain, cramps and other symptoms that are associated with the onset of the menstrual cycle.

  • Fights Insulin Resistance Syndrome

Insulin Resistance Syndrome is found in patients with hypertension, impaired glucose mechanism, low level of HDL, etc. and can lead to severe situation such as diabetes. The intake of dairy products can effectively fight this condition. According to research, a number of people who have been taking dairy foodstuffs regularly have shown an increased resistance to these syndromes.

  • Lowers risk of ovarian cancer

Milk and milk products have shown to increase immunity in women with ovarian cancer. According to a study, about 588 women who started a diet of dairy harvest halved their risk. No other calcium based supplement can provide this kind of immunity.

  • Get beautiful teeth

The best way to have a beautiful smile on your face is to take care of your teeth. Brushing and flossing alone isn’t enough. Dairy products contain large amounts of calcium, which can make your teeth strong and beautiful. Very few know that milk protein and cheese can fight plaque and prevent the formation of gaps between teeth. These elements decrease the production of fermentable carbohydrate in the mouth and hence keep the mouth and teeth fresh and clean at all times.

  • Gives the body strength

Besides combating osteoporosis, milk can give your bones more strength and vigor. This will keep you fit and in shape for a longer time. Drinking three glasses of milk every day can keep your bones in stronger for a long time and keep you out of a wheelchair during old age.

The benefits of dairy products are innumerable. Milk, cheese, butter and various other derived products are powerhouses of energy and vitality. They can keep your body fit and healthy for a longer time. Not only they provide your body all the nutrition it requires, but also protect it from deadly diseases such as cancer. So switch to this effective and economical remedy today and give yourself and your family the protective cover of the goodness of dairy products today. So go ahead and throw in a little milk, butter or cheese into your meal right away!

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