Proper Body Hygiene for Women

Practicing and maintaining good physical hygiene is crucial to avoiding complications in the human body’s private areas. As it is, in the western culture, our armpits, feet, anal, vaginal, and pelvic areas are secluded from open fresh air many hours of any given day. These areas have creases in the skin that traps in moisture hastening the probability of bacteria growth if not thoroughly cleansed with mild soap and warm water daily. For some, several times a day. While it is important for men and women to execute healthy hygiene habits, it is even more so for the woman.

While both male and female typically build up an odor in their feet (especially if they have worn socks and encased shoes all day), armpits, and private areas, the woman has the added probability of obtaining a strong fish like odor in and around her vagina if proper body hygiene is not adhered to daily. Because the vagina is made up soft, moist tissue, it is not uncommon for a woman to periodically experience a light odor by the end of a day. Often times, this may result in a slight vaginal discharge as well.

Those who live in warmer climates, yet forced by society to cover up for fear of arrest for indecent exposure may experience it even more so. Other lifestyles that may cause a smelly vaginal odor and discharge is that of a dancer, gymnast, deep sea diver, etc. These sports require the athlete to wear non-breathable fabric such as nylon ballet tights, spandex leotards, and full bodied rubber suits for hours at a time while executing physical exertion adding even more heat to the already creviced and enclosed areas. Entrapping the vagina and other bodily parts with folds of skin or tissue to trap in the moisture causing bacteria to form and grow. For the woman, this may result in a slight vaginal yeast infection. If left unchecked, it could grow into a health problem.

All the typical problems mentioned above can be avoided by following seven crucial steps:

1) Shower in the morning to start your day off fresh, and at night before going to bed

2) Allow some time in the day for all secluded parts of the body to be free of clothing to receive fresh air

3) Wear cotton or thronged under underwear to allow air flow

4) Wear a cotton bra with no padding to allow fresh air under the creases of the breast

5) Douche with vinegar and water regularly

6) Refrain from being sexual active with multiple partners and get medical information from anyone with whom you are sexually active

7) Visit your OBGYN on regular basis… they will be able to detect if anything out of the norm is causing the odor and offer a diagnosis to cure you

Women are beautiful creatures. In order for the body scent to reflect the inner and outer beauty of the woman, do not just cover up with perfumes. Take good care of the vessel you have been given. Practice good hygiene and enjoy being a woman.

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