Why Volunteer With Lions During Your Holiday?

For a rewarding and life changing experience have you ever considered volunteering while on holiday. If you love traveling this will give you the chance to help with conservation of lions in countries like South Africa.

Volunteering while on holiday is something you won’t forget and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a difference while at the same time visiting exotic and really great locations all across the globe.

You’ll be able to work closely with wildlife animals and see sights tourists never see and it will give you an unique insight into local life.

Volunteer Work With Lions and Cubs

There is a breeding park for White lions, Lions, tigers and Jaguars situated 15km from the nearest town in the hart of South Africa. The area has superb bush and grasslands. It is easy to reach and to travel to other destinations. This is also a malaria free area.

You’ll have the amazing experience of working closely with these majestic animals by feeding and caring for them, raising the cubs by hand and being involved in all the day to day activities of a lion park.

Benefits To Volunteers

You will come face to face with lions, jaguars and tigers. It is an amazing experience being accepted by these wild animals. The breeding park is in constant need of assistance and you will be of great help to these cats.

With approximately 1000 white lions left on earth, your volunteering will be an enormous contribution to the white lion population. This will be a most rewarding experience, giving something back to African wild life. You will have the opportunity to travel and experience South Africa. You will also meeting other volunteers from all over the world.

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